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  • Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nature, Nature Everywhere

Yesterday, we witnessed a nest of Seaturtles hatching out under our beach staircase.  About 100 of the cutest little creatures you could imagine.  We helped them head over the ridges and ripples to the water.  Fantastic !  On a boat trip down to Sebastian Inlet State Park, we saw several pods of Porpoise, 4 large manatees, Osprey, cormorants, pelicans, a stingray, and many other species in the water.  The ocean around our resort is truly alive and full of natures splendor.  What a fantastic spot for families and couples to relax and enjoy REAL nature, not VIRTUAL nature.

Guests have reported seeing many porpoises and schools of herring (Bait fish) out front of the resort.  This swirling of the ocean, brings all the sealife to the area to feed.  Pelicans and porpoises and the larger fish up the food chain, flock to the area for feeding time.  A family from NJ saw a large stingray in the water, and were careful to avoid it.  One precaution, the "NoSeeUms" have been plentiful after the rains the past few days, and if lingering on the beach when the sun is behind a cloud, or after dark, cover up!  These tiny almost invisible members of the blackfly family can pack an annoying bite.  They reproduce in the sand and are plentiful after a rain.