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Welcome to Seashell Suites Oceanfront Resort  in beautiful Melbourne Beach Florida.  Our pristine unspoiled barrier island is situated 2.5 hours drive between the large metropolitan areas of Miami to the south, and Jacksonville to the north.  We are home to a myriad of  flora, fauna and wildlife associated with the land, sea and air.  Our oceanfront habitat is a relaxing and healthful facility designed to allow you, our guest, to enjoy a peaceful, restful and healthful high end facility with a casual ambiance for your getaway time.  Our Suites are built healthful with no offgassing or toxic materials to adversely affect your stay, and our facility is natural and pristine, with the most spectacular and bold ocean frontage for your enjoyment.  Relax, and breathe deeply the healthiest and saltiest air in North America, and rest, heal, play, court, relax, recover and enjoy.  Thank you for being our guests.  Please let us know how we may be of assistance.  It is our sincere intention to allow you and your guests a beautiful and uninterrupted nature filled oceanfront experience.

Smoking is prohibited in the suites and on the property. Any violations may result in expulsion and forfeiture of all monies in addition to a penalty of $500 for cleaning.  Our complimentary laundry facility uses unscented HE soaps, provided for our guests.  No dryer sheets or softeners are permitted for the convenience of our guests.  We thank you for your cooperation.

Supervision All children or dependents must be supervised by an adult when at the pool, in the water, on the beach or elsewhere.  Please be advised that natural wildlife species both on land and ocean in addition to physical ocean conditions (rip currents and or undertow after storms) may require additional supervision by parents.  During summer or fall momths, midges (no see-ums) can be plentiful on still nights on the beach and throughout the property, and cause small irritating bites similiar to a mosquito.  Please bring light long sleeve attire and or long pants in order to not be nuisanced by these little critters.  Skin So Soft is an effective application as well.  Thank you.

Day Guests or Unregistered Guests and Visitors.  Seashell Suites Resort is a private, gated, small oceanfront facility with lovely amenities and grounds.  In order that our Guests receive the privacy and amenity use set aside for their stay, Our facility is for registered paying guests only with our parking lot, Suites, Amenities, and Beach not available to Visitors or Unregistered Guests.   Should you wish to have a visitor or overnight guest please consult in advance.   All visitors must check in at the office for parking availability and registration.  We thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Day Guest Fee is $39.95. per person from between 8 a:m to 8 p:m for each adult     Children under 13 years old $15.00 each.  Please consult in advance, as space may be limited.  The day guest pass allows visitors to use the amenities and private beach and the hosts suite during their visit.  Please register at office for any guests you would like to have visit you. 

Rates  are based on double occupancy.   Infants under 3 years of age are no charge.  Children are 3 years to 12 years.  Adults are over 13 years of age and over for the purpose of Reservations

Overnight Visitor Rates for our guests with an existing reservation who wish to have an overnight guest the rate is $ 50.00 .  Two persons are $ 100.00 per night plus tax.  All registered guests consent to Charge their Card for this Service.

Change of Venue (Room/Suite Management)  Guests consent to having Suite substitution in the event that Seashell Suites Resort requires a guest move Suites in order to book an additional reservation (where the guests Reservation is preventing the Business from taking additional Reservation(s) of equal or longer stays, to prepare or repair a Suite that requires work or maintenance, or where a Suite is not available for any other reasons of repair, health, safety, or business.  No guest will be charged greater fees where a guest is moved to a Suite of greater value per the Reservation Online Booking Engine, and any guest moved to a Suite of lessor value according to Price Index, shall have such difference in prices refunded to them in keeping with the published price of the Suite relocated too.  If any amenity is unavailable to any Reservation, (sleeper sofa, Master Bedroom TV or any such amenity) or number of bedrooms booked specifically for their stay, a cancellation or refund is granted or accepted by the business and given to the Reserving Guest.

Laundry available from 9 a:m to 5 p:m for our guests use.  Please use the soaps provided with no fabric softeners

Dogs  may be permitted depending on availability of pet friendly suites, size and stay.  All dogs must be leashed when on property.  Owners accept all liability for their pets conduct or any and all destruction of property or other acts.   Please do not allow pets to bark or cause nuisance.  Please consult in advance.

Age  All guests must be 25 years of age to register - a minimum stay may be required

Housekeeping    supplied by request for our extended stay guests at a charge or fee.  (We do not do daily or other housekeeping as part of the discounted extended rates)

Check in    is 3:00 P:M or earlier as Suite is available
Check out is 10:00 A:M 

Deposits    Reservations require 50% of total at time of reservation and balance due the day of check in.

PrePayment   Events or renting of facility for weddings, reunions, special events requires payment in full 60 days prior to commencement.  Monthly rentals require balance of payment 60 days prior to arrival

Cancellations   of 60 days for full refund less 4 percent of your deposit.  N.B.*  any suite rebooked for your time will result in a refund of any and all days rebooked (we will not double book).  Cancellations of less than 15 days, no refund of deposit.  Holidays require 30 days notice for refund of deposit.  Cancellations of less than 7 days, balance of payments (remaining 50%) due in full.   Cancellations require written email notice.  We will attempt to resell any days on your behalf for short notice cancellations and refund any and all monies we are able to re-book. (We do not double book)  Please consider low cost travel insurance to protect your needs. as an example.

Refunds Excluded   include early departures, no shows, storms or weather related events, personal issues, injuries, allergies, schedule conflict, travel interruptions or cancellations, tropical depression, rain, inclement weather or any or all other instances without proper and sufficient notice.  Exception is hurricaine with County mandated evacuation and closure of the Barrier Island Causeways.  Credit for future stay is at the descretion of the management.

Insurance    Please consider the purchase of Vacation Travel Insurance (

Parking    Each suite allows for a single car parking,  No guest may alter the grounds, the Suites or the building in any manner either temporary or other.

Indemnify All registered guests and their invitees agree to hold Seashell Suites Inc., its officers and employees, its heirs and executors, harmless from any and all claims of any kind or nature whatsoever arising from any accidental act or misadventure, act of God, or unforeseen circumstance, regardless of the nature or origin of such act or its ultimate effect.

   Thank You So Much For Being Our Guests